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Where you can connect, laugh, learn and be inspired in moving forward. At each one, our goal is that you leave with a new friend or a possible business connection/partner or possibly the love of your life

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Eat -n-Greet

These experiences are a mixture of fun, delicious food, laughter and hopefully new friends. Each invitation is an introduction to another culture through the taste-buds without leaving your city. This isn’t just a cooking class but is about you connecting with the other guests while cooking delicious food.

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conversation roulette

Conversation Roulette

If you have been craving deep conversations about life, you’re in the right place. The ultimate goal is to help people strike deeper conversations. Small talks take place all the time and most of them don’t lead to anything productive. Our goal is to make the evening worthwhile for everybody giving each person a chance share and to learn.

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Social Dining

Social Dining is an experience to meet, connect, share, and learn. It’s more than just a few people eating together or a simple supper club. We partner with a chef to share a discussion regarding a specific topic for the night around a delicious menu.

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Living Life Loud

To warn you: this is not another singles night with a few too many drinks or an awkward speed dating round but a chance to get a bit real and have some great conversations. Instead of swiping on your couch, why don´t you join us for a fun night of drinks, sharing a few laughter-inducing challenges, and getting to know other fantastic people! 

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nKoto Beyond Networking

Beyond Networking

 Many networking events don’t create a space that encourages a time to get the most out of an experience instead of being stuck in one place. We bring together a group of amazing people talking, and sharing valuable insights with each other so that the business or project from each person can move to the next level. 

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the Art of...

Innovative ideas can come with thinking out of the box. Art has a way of setting those loose. What could open up for you if you took the time to meet new people and let your artistic tendencies flow? This is what we explore in this experience. We let our creative ideas go while connecting to those around us.

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