How it Works


The start

How it works- starts before an experience. After brainstorming works and letting our creative juices flow, we have a few interactive events created with our community members in mind then the invitations are sent out.
Upon receipt, you would need to register your attendance and update any required information as quickly as possible or your spot will be given to someone else.
Depending on the format, you will receive the location and specific information for the event, 24 hours before the start.


On the night

We ask that you bring a sunny mood, yourself, and whichever item or answer to a question your confirmation states.



After everyone arrives, you will discover a little more about how the experience will be rolled out then we will orchestrate you into meeting the other guests. Depending on the experience, we will lead you through games, challenges, tantalising ingredients and work ways for you to get to know your fellow members.


At the end

We have laughed, moved around and, hopefully, you have had several meaningful conversations beyond just small talk so that when you leave you have made at least one connection that will continue past the evening plus a bit of inspiration in your goals of moving forward with your works. Now is the time for you to exchange a phone number or two.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your idea is to go to work, meander through your day then flop on the sofa for some streaming- this might not be for you. However, are you working to improve yourself personally or make your dreams reality and/or building a business or a project that you are simply passionate about, you will meet like-focused people.

We tailor our events so that each guest has the optimal chance of meeting people they can connect with and get the most out of their time there. In order to do this, we are intentional from the very beginning with the guest list to facilitating the entire event.

How an invite works? We have a short 10 question form for you to tell us a little bit about yourself so that we can see if you are a match for our community.

Yes! But you might not leave by yourself.

There are no cliques here. We facilitate our experiences so that no-one is standing alone and we provide opportunities to meet and speak with others. 

We ask that everyone is willing to get out of their comfort zone a little but we  do orchestrate ways for you to meet the other guests without feeling that you need to turn into an extrovert. 

Depends on your level of embarrassment.  No, but really. Our goal is not to embarrass anyone. We do a lot of activities to foster communication and might have you do a few things that might not be what you normally do. However, everything is in good taste with the mindset for you to have fun, learn something new and feel empowered. Usually, we grow when we do something outside of our routine.

Most experiences last around 2.5 hours while our ones with cooking or dining usually around 4 but all times are specified for an event when you receive an invite. Don’t worry, you won’t be spending the event just standing around.

Almost everything is included in the entry ticket, but we do ask that you bring two specified things with. We do this to highlight the importance of what every single guest brings and something is missing if you are not there.

Yes. When you officially reserve your place at one of the experiences, we provide an option for you to let us know what your dietary needs or allergies are? We need to know this information far enough in advance of that experience so that we can provide alternatives if needed.

As long as you know how to boil water… and even if you don´t, we will be around to help. For our offline experiences, you will be part of a team creating a masterpiece together.

Most of our networking experiences are inter-disciplinary since you can receive new ideas and other perspectives from people that look at things a little differently. Our goal is not to rehash similar situations but  share relatable experiences and leave inspired. Like-focused people can spark our creative juices and propel us forward.

Each experience varies and the range for the number of people is written on the individual pages.

However, we make sure that each experience is small enough for you to meet people beyond hello but large enough so that you do not feel awkward.

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