About Us

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“I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village.”

Gina Bellman

Why we want to connect through our experiences…

Our Mission

Our Mission is about creating a community for those that have decided to live a life beyond going through the motions- to live engaged and switched on.

about us

Our Goal

Our Goal is about envisioning purposeful experiences/spaces to facilitate communication and support people in building deeper connections beyond stereotypical divides.

Our Belief

We believe our stories unite us and what makes us beautiful is our uniqueness plus our differences.

We do not need to think the same but that each of us is willing to listen to understand the journey another person has gone through.

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About Our Values

We are dedicated to creating a space where people are able to share their stories and ideas without stereotypical divides, discrimination, and fear

We seek to understand through actively listening and speaking to clarify. We share our experiences to connect not to flaunt.
We desire to continually learn and grow so that we can be the best version that we can be.
We respect each other and see our diversity as what can bring us together- not what has to divide us.
We encourage meeting and connecting with others on a deeper level.
We derive inspiration through the accomplishment and the stories of other people while hoping to inspire other individuals through our own experiences

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