Meet. Connect. Inspire

No one is meant to live as an island-

every connection helps you reach your future.


It is said by many people that to live a "successful" life, it is important who you have in your life.
Sometimes it seems the more that we are connected through online forums, the fewer close connections that we have or opportunities to build them.

This is why we are creating experiences that open the possibility for you to meet others beyond "small talk." Our goal is to get a group of amazing people together that are moving forward to connect through meaningful conversations.

We are building a chance for you to feel at home in a like-focused community.

We are a community of people
that live life "engaged"

We Are Go-Getters:

Makers, Shakers, Creators, Trailblazers, Artists, Visionaries, Wave makers, Disruptors, Entrepreneurs, Action-Takers, Leaders, Outliers along with all those that have decided to stand up and live a life

“Switched On.”

What We Do

Our people Experiences

We create and facilitate fun, purposeful experiences that give you the possibility to make meaningful connections through fun, food, challenges and conversations. 

Each event is designed with the guests in mind whether you are wanting to build deeper personal relationships, business connections or a romantic partnership. 

Creating experiences for your Community

We are passionate about building communities and we look forward in how we can support you in building yours.

Whether you are a group of friends, an association, a meet up, or a company we would be happy to create an experience that strengthens your relationships and brings you closer.

Want to join a variety of events and meet like-focused people?

Our experiences are invitation-based so that we can facilitate a higher chance of you creating meaningful connections.

"Tabitha is a natural host: she'll make you feel happy, comfortable and even if you are born with two left hands, she somehow magically transforms your mindset into thinking you're the best chef in the world. I love the diversity of personalities and cultures: everyone has an incredibly interesting story to tell and is super friendly. You arrive alone, a bit puzzled and unsure about your cooking abilities, 10 min later you're laughing with a bunch of people, making incredible dishes you've never heard of and indulging yourself in tasty aromas. It's an amazing way to make friends, find a business or romantic partner while tasting great foods and having a lot of fun!"​
These dinners are some of the best social events I've been to in Berlin! The people are awesome, the cooking is fun and the vibes are always magical. I always burst with excitement every time I'm invited to one. It's an incredible soul-filling experience and I can't wait for the next one!
I’ve met one of my dear friends here who I have hung out with a ton of times since that event. Incredibly grateful.

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