Conversation Roulette

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Conversation Roulette! A social gathering to meet and bond with people extraordinaire.

Here your average meet and greet has evolved to take on a new sphere. If you have been craving deeper conversations about life, you’re in the right place. Join the community and connect, share, and learn with people who share the same passion for depth as you do.

The ultimate goal is to help people strike deeper conversations. Small talks take place all the time, everywhere and most of them don’t lead to anything productive. Our goal is to make the evening worthwhile for everybody giving each person a chance to learn something new before we call it a night. 

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Everything starts with icebreakers. Skip the awkwardness, and let us help you ease into each other by connecting and finding common interests. What starts with a simple laugh turns into a far deeper conversation with each passing activity.


People moving forward with their conversations is what we like to see. Everyone in the gathering has something to say. We provide the platform for you to talk and play games and go past the surface level of bonding. Once the initial round is over, the gathering breaks into smaller groups to forge a deeper bond with one another. 


The real connection happens when the smaller groups take the lead. Each group is provided with different topics. There are a few questions that come with the topics. Each member has the floor to share their opinion, thoughts and ideas regarding that topic. 


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