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These experiences are a way to help you to meet wonderful people who share your love for food and life. 

These experiences are a mixture of fun, delicious food, laughter and hopefully new friends. Each invitation is an introduction to another culture through the taste-buds without leaving your city. This isn’t just a cooking class.  Each session is about you connecting with the other guests on a deeper level around tasty food.

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

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During an eat-n-greet, we will explore a specific cultural cuisine for the night from Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Korea, or a focus such as the different style of dumplings from 5 countries.  There will be around 20-30 new faces who will be exploring these dishes with you.


Each experience starts with meeting the other guests for the night in an entertaining introduction exercise and/ or challenge that allows you to relax and get into the night. 


From there, we break into  smaller teams which you will be making either an appetizer, entree, side dish, or a dessert with. As you will be working with a team, your kitchen skills are not as important as your group working together is.


It is not saving the best for last, however, we know what everyone is looking forward to- eating the delicious food that you have been smelling all night. Once the last dish has been swiped with the finishing touch, everyone grabs what they would like to try- buffet style- and sits down to further conversations while clinking glasses. 

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