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Social Dining is an experience to meet, connect, share, and learn. It’s more than just a few people eating together or a simple supper club. It’s about building a community where trust and compassion reign. It’s time that you join as well and let your thoughts shine among some good company.

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Everything good starts with a great group of people meeting. Here at Social Dining, you have an astounding chance to meet 15-20 people, all looking to connect and share, just like you are. The bonds created among strangers with a common focus are often some of the most unexpected but not easily forgotten bonds.


No social dining is complete without good food. With a welcome drink in hand, you’ll soon meet your chef for the evening. You’ll be served with the chef’s specials created with that evening in mind. So, don’t be afraid of striking up a conversation with the chef either! 


 The courses will keep coming in between conversations. Each night has a specific topic that we will delve into through sharing, laughter and hearing different experiences.  Finally, the evening will be wrapped up with a delicious social dining dessert that will melt all hearts.

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social dining
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