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Living Life Loud…… We know you don´t need a man or a woman to be happy but we also know that some things are just more fun in a pair. 

Instead of swiping on your couch, why don´t you join us for a fun night of drinks, sharing a few laughter-inducing challenges, and getting to know other fantastic people! To warn you: this is not another singles night with a few too many drinks or an awkward speed dating round but a chance to get a bit real and have some great conversations.

We are not promising that you will meet the love of your life ( although you might 😉) but we are putting together a group of splendid people in an entertaining and welcoming environment so that you might be able to walk away with if not the love of your life at least a really cool wingman/woman or a new best friend that has a great friendship circle.


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Depending on the experience, we start with an amazing group size of either 16-25 or 30-60 singles with a little surprise ice breaker then go into a few fun games that allow you to get to know the others in the room. 


They say laughter is great medicine and we think it helps sets the tone for a relaxed atmosphere to allow you to have fun and flirt a little. Depending on the focus of the night, there are several different games and challenges for the evening that might cause you to move, dance, cook, try something new but the most important thing is to bring a smile to your face and notice the other charming smiles in the room.


Our goal is to take you from light-hearted fun to more meaningful conversations. Once everyone has had time to laugh and has gotten a chance to know who you would like to get to know a little better. we break into smaller groups where go into the specific topic of the evening. This opens us up so we can really get into a conversation that is beyond just the small talk.

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