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Whichever industry you are in, sharing insights with like-focused people can open doors or inspire new ideas. That’s the ultimate goal of Beyond Networking. We bring together a group of amazing people with the same goal in mind, talking, and sharing valuable insights with each other so that your business or project moves to the next level. 

One of the primary goals of Beyond Networking is to let people share and exchange their thoughts. Many networking events don’t create a space that encourages a time to get the most out of an experience instead of being stuck in one place. There will also be an opportunity for you to share the challenges you are facing (if you would like to) as there are chances that someone from the group has faced the same ones. A likely solution is just a conversation away!

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We bring together people that have a similar drive to you with a desire to also make a difference in their sphere. The evening starts with icebreaker games and progresses into multiple communication rounds touching different topics. 


You are not confined to talk business only but conversations  can also extend to a personal sphere to explore how to live a full life during your current phase.  We touch various topics from thinking innovatively to is there work-life balance and other conundrums?


Towards the end, everyone is broken into small groups, where you can go into sharing strategies and learnings along with gaining new insights for yourself or offering some to those around you.


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