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This is an experience where people can create magnificent art together while connecting with others. But this event isn’t just about creating; it’s about you being able to express yourself freely and creatively. Innovative ideas can come with thinking out of the box. Art has a way of setting those loose. What could open up for you if you took the time to meet new people and let your artistic tendencies flow? Art is best shared, after all.

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For this experience, we offer guests the opportunity to connect with between 10-20 people. We begin the night with the art of conversation by having people talk and laugh together, with games that help them connect on a deeper level. This provides a little warm-up and a shot of confidence needed to freely create art, without fear.


You can’t have an art experience without creativity. Through guidance, we will explore the art medium that is the focus for the night with a little know-how and a few tips allowing each person to express themselves. Through art, we hope that guests can share and open a different conversational channel then they would normally use.


At the end of the night, everyone shares what they have created, thoughts behind it and whichever topics that result from the discussions that can be expanded on. We want our guests to walk in as strangers but walk out with incredible connections.

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